By: Shelley Snow

We can't recommend Kevin Fox enough. After 24 years in the same home and during the pandemic we needed to move and hardly knew where to start. Kevin searched and found dozens of homes that fit our criteria and then was amazing enough to drive us from home to home always offering helpful feedback and commentary. For example, we loved one home but it had old style heating rads that were electric. Turns out the heating bill would have put us hundreds/month over our budget. Kevin's warning saved us from making a huge mistake! After much hard work and dedication Kevin found us our dream home in a neighborhood we loved, at a price we could afford. Kevin is honest, forthright, highly personable, and completely dedicated to helping his clients. If you are looking to sell, buy or rent a house save yourself months of time and stress and contact him.

By: Asanatu Adebayo

Coming to Canada newly in 2019, we didn't know how to find our feet. We lived in different places with friends and rented short lets until my husband met Mr. Kevin whilst trying to get a home. MR K like I call him is unbelievably magical at what he does. He not only does his job professionally and makes sure all areas are being covered. He listens to specifics and finds you the most suitable home/environment for you. When we went and didn't like some viewings, he never showed any stress of frustration or gave an attitude. He agrees to your likes and dislikes and honestly gives his opinions. His negotiating skills is "Top notch". You come first to Mr. K. He will smile and say to you "okay". And we are on to the next. And did not stop looking and searching. We kept viewing different properties until we found the perfect place we call home today. If not for the selfless Mr. K, that made everything seem easy and helped us all day and night plus weekends. Where will we be? Mr. K is now a part of my family and we do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and everyone we know. Because he is as perfect as a picture.

By: Lucy Aprile

If you are looking for a real estate agent Kevin Fox is your guy!! We had a great experience with him. He spent a lot of time with our family. He found us a great home and we are very happy! Lots of real estate agents are just business not Kevin. He showed genuine initiative and we felt that he actually cared about what our family needed. He is an awesome guy very knowledgeable and great at his job. We will use him again in the future and recommend him to all. 10/10 would recommend.

By: Debbie Fleming

Kevin Fox has been there for me every step of the way. Up to his elbows and beyond what any other realtor would do. He is caring, and reassuring during my moments of stress and doubt. He is EVERYTHING anyone needs in a realtor, and I highly recommend him.

By: Vivian Amadi

Kevin is highly approachable and treats every customer with the utmost respect and does whatever is necessary to ensure their happiness. He always connects with customers on a level beyond what anyone else can do. He can read clients and their needs easily. I had spent 6 months looking for a fully detached house through different realtors before I met Kevin, and in 3 weeks he got exactly what I needed. I have introduced him to some of my friends and they always come back satisfied. It was an awesome experience with him.

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